Remuneration survey

It is necessary and useful to regularly keep ‘your finger on the pulse’, particularly when it comes to your remuneration and contentment with your company. After all, the profession of company lawyer and its environment are evolving rapidly. We don't need to tell you this.

The Institute of Company Lawyers (IBJ-IJE), Vlerick Business School and Vialegis have joined forces to survey the remuneration of company lawyers. The last major survey happened in 2013 and so it’s been high time for a thorough update.

An extensive survey has measured financial remuneration, as well as fringe benefits and non-financial remuneration components that are a part of the total remuneration package. The survey has also deliberately focused on whether company lawyers are satisfied and happy in their company, which is a question that is more relevant than ever in these challenging times.

The result has given an insight into how company lawyers perceive their remuneration and what trends exist. This study enables company lawyers to compare their personal situation with the market. In addition to this report, we have developed a practical tool that presents the available data to you in real time.

The survey was carried out in Autumn 2022, with no fewer than 561 company lawyers completing the survey in full. A sincere thank you for your participation in the survey. For the sake of completeness, we also note that the results take into account the indexation of salaries that took place at the beginning of 2023. So, it’s totally up-to-date!

This has been a successful collaboration and we hope you enjoy reading the results.


REMUNERATION TOOL     RESULtS remuneration survey (PDF)