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The Belgian Institute of Company Lawyers (IBJ-IJE), Vlerick Business School, and Vialegis have joined forces to survey the remuneration of company lawyers. The survey has investigated the remuneration and benefits of company lawyers to understand how satisfied they are with their jobs and provide valuable information about related remuneration trends.

The results are presented in a report available for download on our website and in this practical tool. Please do keep in mind that the tool only reflects survey responses that match your search criteria, so it is not exhaustive and might not provide answers for every unique situation.

The survey received 561 responses between September and November 2022, and the salaries presented in the tool have been adjusted to reflect market conditions from June 2023 (due to indexation). Read the report for more details.

How does the tool work?
Based on your search criteria, the tool displays matching responses from the survey. In particular:

  • the lowest and highest monthly gross salary reported and their median;
  • a chart of all the monthly gross salaries reported;
  • a selection of common remuneration elements (of course, some respondents could receive additional benefits not identified here).

The monthly gross salaries shown do not include the year-end premium ('13th month') and double holiday pay, which most employees are paid once a year in addition to the monthly salary. To calculate the yearly gross salary, you generally need to multiply the monthly gross salary by 13.92.

This tool is purely indicative and based on certain survey responses. IBJ-IJE, Vlerick Business School, and Vialegis make no guarantees and may not be held liable for any errors or for consequences arising from using this tool.

About us
The Belgian Institute of Company Lawyers (in Dutch “Instituut voor bedrijfsjuristen” and French “Institut des juristes d’entreprise”, in short IBJ-IJE), was set up by the Law of 1 March 2000, and is the legally-recognised statutory body regulating lawyers practising as in-house counsel in Belgium.

IBJ-IJE has about 2200 members who, with their affiliation, bear the protected title of “bedrijfsjurist” – “juriste d’entreprise”, have their legal advice protected by confidentiality, and are subject to their own code of ethics, which guarantees their intellectual independence and permanent education.

As an indispensable and dynamic network for its members, IBJ-IJE aims to create connection and be a sounding-board, where experiences are exchanged and information regarding the latest legal trends and developments in the workplace are shared. Every year, IBJ-IJE organises more than 100 activities in cooperation with its partners and working groups.