We're looking for a new co-chair for the Practice Group IP/IT

We're looking for a new co-chair for the Practice Group IP/IT

We would like to thank Emilie Petras-Sohie (company lawyer at IBM) and Olivier van Cutsem for their commitment and enthusiasm over the past years as the IP-IT Practice Group's Co-Chairs. Thanks for all the wonderful collaboration and constructive input!

As a result, we would like to ask now if you would be interested in becoming this Practice Group's new (Co-)Chair?

For context, the Practice Groups are the IBJ-IJE's 'beating heart'. Each Practice Group's members form a close network where informal contacts and exchanges are encouraged. Each Practice Group meets three times a year to exchange experience and knowledge with fellow company lawyers on themes and questions that are current in the Practice Group's field of interest. All information that is shared is confidential (Article 11. Code of Ethics). Each Practice Group Chair helps to map out the themes that will be discussed and can rely on the IBJ –IJE Team to roll them out organisationally.

For the IP-IT Practice Group, the following topics have been discussed this year:

- Legal mechanisms applying to data

- Contractual mechanisms applying to data

- Beyond cookies - the rules that also apply to mobile apps and social media strategies

So, are you interested in becoming the IP-IT Practice Group's (Co-)Chair? For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via info@ibj.be.


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