Legal Tech: help or hype?

What Legal Tech in 2022 can really do for company lawyers and companies

What Legal Tech in 2022 can really do for company lawyers and companies

In the past months, more and more members have asked us how they can integrate Legal Tech solutions into their daily practice. For many of you, the implementation is handled in a different way and this creates uncertainty.

Since several years, we have an active “Legal Tech” Practice Group in which Legal Tech trends and best practices are shared that is co-chaired by Sigrid Windmolders, company lawyer at Microsoft, Donovan Sheppard, company lawyer at Mastercard, and Igor Makedonsky, company lawyer at Proximus.

In addition to this Practice Group and the collaboration with our strategic partners with whom we also offer occasionally topics related to Legal Tech, we are launching our “Legal Tech, help or hype?” initiative in cooperation with 6 dynamic partners. In a series of 6 interactive webinars, they will highlight 6 different aspects from a practical point of view, focusing on the necessary soft skills, the pitfalls and your issues.

These webinars are offered free of charge. As the return to face-to-face events has now started, we are also looking into the possibility of a ‘meet & greet’ in the autumn.

We all know that Legal Tech is not a ‘magic tool’. Legal Tech is a story in which change, project and data management, logic and cooperation between departments all play a major role. This is also the message of Jaap Bosman, a leading strategic advisor in the legal landscape, who will launch the kick-off session on 25 April 2022.

The IBJ-IJE would like to assist by giving the tools needed to start working more with Legal Tech and the confidence that you need to ‘move mountains’.

We look forward to taking you along on this training series with our 6 legal partners.

Do not hesitate to register now.

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